Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Finally! Help for MS Head Pain

For over a month I have had steadily worsening, nothing short of hideous pain on the right side of my head.
Yesterday, after a desperate trip to my pain doctor, I finally had a diagnosis and a 'fix' that worked!
I have Occipital Neuralgia (description) and there is actually a treatment for it. The doc gave me a whopping big shot of cortizone in the area of this nerve (back of my head) and over the past 24 hours my severe pain is slowly subsiding. In terms of the old pain scale my numbers have gone from a continuous 7-8 with stabbing off the scale electrical shocks to about a 4-5 this morning. And, no electrical shocks since I had the shot.
Who would have thought how good it feels to be back to a manageable level of pain! {I am using lots of exclamation points this morning and feel that I have earned every one!} As the muscular tension eases my back, neck and shoulders are popping. I actually feel up to doing a few things--like walking my dog (maybe) or watching a movie or updating my blog.
There is an 80s song, by Madonna of all people, with the lyrics, "I made it through the wilderness, yeah I made it through." I think I will claim this as my phrase of the day.
The doc said that this shot isn't a permanent fix and I may have to go back periodically when symptoms reoccur. Just the fact that I am more than willing to have a large needle inserted into my scalp is a pretty good indicator of how much pain this condition causes.
With progressive MS I have steeled myself to not expect restorative treatments. More in the realm of palliative care that helps me deal with the day to day. I happily embrace this 'first' and at the same time am wary of the small ray of hope I feel. After nine years of steadily worsening symptoms I am dubious of this success. But, on this sunny morning with my pain at a manageable level--I am just going to enjoy it!!!!!!!!!



That's so awesome that you are finding relief. Enjoy it, but don't over do it. :)
I hope that it continues to improve in the coming days.

ceasterday said...

I am so happy you have some pain relief. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think of you often. Lots of luv, Cynthia