Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hawaii Days

I was so nervous to make this trip. So far, I am handling it, with the constant help of my 'boys.' The airplane trip was doable--United put me in row 40 of a huge plane and it was just about impossible to drag me in an aisle chair that far back. Talk about humiliating. Thank goodness the airport transport folks were professional and didn't make any comment about my big butt. My husband assures me that the aisle was so narrow--most people's behinds wouldn't have fit. And, I have the bruises to support his theory.
I am trying to savor every moment and not let the pain and fatigue interfere. That effort, in itself, is tiring. Yesterday we got to a restaurant just before it was closing. It was hot, I felt pressured and with the heat my cognitive abilities dropped. So, I snapped and barked at my son. I hate it when this illness seems to take over my personality.
We are going to a beach with a sand wheelchair today -- it is exciting to think about putting my feet in the ocean. A rare treat that I've only accomplished twice in the past 8 years. Watching my son boogie board in the water will be worth any obstacles we encounter.
So, short and sweet--Hawaii is more than worth the effort. I can't help but think this may be my last trip of this scale. But, who knows, I seem to be keeping it all together and having a wonderful vacation in spite of the challenges. Aloha

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Karin said...

Glad to hear the 'update' Janine :) May your feet rejoice in the ocean's waves!! Looking forward to hearing about it in person...are you taking a lot of pictures?