Sunday, July 25, 2010

And now what?

This is a short update, because my hands and brain seem to be on separate planets, may pain level is through the roof, and frankly, these past five days have knocked me for a loop.
Every time I think I have MS's course through my life figured out, it tosses me on my rear end. I woke up last Monday at 1am with a medium size stone gargoyle sitting on my left hip. I was pinned like an inspectable bug and further testing demonstrated that from mid-thigh to shoulder my body seemed to be immobilized. In my sleepy state it didn't make sense why I couldn't roll over or sit up. Eventually, I began to let the reality of a new round of MS Life begin.
Monday became even more exciting with a call to my Neuro, a long stint in the ER, followed by a five-day stay in the hospital.
After a course of steroids, endless poking and prodding, and the general annoyances of hospital life; I am right back where I started. Pinned. To. The. Bed.
They sent me home with the gift of a foley catheter, so I am having to learn to drag a bag of pee with me wherever I go (pun, pun, pun). My neuro says he will see me in a month, nothing more they can do.
For real? This is life now? Did I actually think I knew the worst MS could dish out?
I will write more later as my brain begins to assemble the pieces of what this means. Too many worries and 'to dos' Back to bad television and monitoring my catheter.


Peace Be With You said...

I am so sorry. I send you a hug.

Bibliotekaren said...

Janine - I hope this new level is somehow not a permanent new normal. Wishing you strength for adjusting and dealing with the bad TV.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do hope you get better, we are all so different with MS. I so know the bad TV

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