Monday, January 7, 2013

Best Post Comment Ever: In 3D No Less

Alien Food
Thanks to Sasha, Kaylee, and Mark for the 3D display of empathy
and insight
into the mystery of my off-kilter eating problem.
To explain a little further: (for an explanation of the "alien food" The ongoing roller coaster of MS and surgery recovery is unrelenting. I noticed over the past couple of days that the caecostomy tube that I have to regulate bowel function, which usually is about 6" long, was slowly retracting into my abdomen. By yesterday it had pulled most of the way in until the end of it was close to the opening. Suddenly the large cap jerked partway in and the pain was excruciating. To make a long day at the ER and the Interventional Radiation Lab into a shorter story: all was finally home late in the evening and I returned home tired, in less pain, and further battered by this worn out body of mine.
Imagine my amazement and delight to discover that one of my dearest friends who I rarely see any more what with her demanding careers, toddler, etc. etc. etc. and my whole gunky mess, had somehow taken the inarticulate words from my previous post and turned them into the perfect 3D representation of this life-draining mess that is my loss of ability to eat. It is quirky. It shows what I cannot seem to say adequately for others to understand. It makes me want to laugh. It makes me want to cry. I am having a 4x6 printed for my doctors. And, either Dr. Seuss or Tim Burton may have met their match or secretly let one of their more darling creatures loose in the dear and lovely Sasha. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Unknown said...

There are alternate forces of thought in this world. Sasha has tapped into it clearly.