Friday, November 20, 2009

Finding the words on Jon Stewart

I've tossed around ideas for a post about Thankfulness. Not the easiest concept to put into words with originality or sincerity. A top 10 list would obviously include family, friends, a roof, breakfast; subtler things like breath, and cellular structure, and the wonder of new born life are infinitely more complex and seem to defy definition. So, at 6:30am, with drenching rain outside my window, a bowl of oatmeal in my lap, and the Jon Stewart show playing on my laptop: out of nowhere comes an unexpected gift. For those who don't watch his show, it is usually 30 minutes of jokes and commentary on modern American life. A welcome respite, but not the expected source for tears of gratitude and, finally, a way to express that thankfulness and gratitude are choices that we make.
Today, on the show, his guests were two guys who form the musical group Jack's Mannequin. The lead singer survived leukemia and has just released an album that he wrote during his struggle.

 My thanksgiving thoughts are eloquently and powerfully shared in these two songs. Below are the links to the videos on Youtube. Turn on your speakers and take a few minutes to listen. I still have tears in my eyes.

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