Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas list...hurry, only 3 days left

things I wish for this Christmas:

  • that everyone take a few quiet moments to connect with the Creator and the miracle of this season. This is my favorite Christmas carol, Enjoy!

  • that all those who want for family, or medical care, or a warm place, or a warm meal would find what they need
  • that I and others would be moved to spontaneous acts of sharing and giving through this season and into the new year
  • that my pernicious illness would lay low for a few days
  • that my Vermont family would miraculously appear on Christmas morning
  • that my Alaska family would also
  • that a good friend's long-haul trucking hubbie would make a safe and timely arrival
things I want this Christmas:
  • that my boy makes it all the way home from the East coast in plenty of time to enjoy the holiday.
  • a pecan pie (I'd share, I promise) and/or white chocolate with peppermint in it; oh, a a little champagne too
  • time with friends and family
  • peace and quiet to savor the wonder of this season
things I have for Christmas:

  • more than enough to eat, a comfy warm home, and my dog snoring blissfully by my side
  • dear friends and family
  • enough health to get by

things, If Santa were real or I won the lottery, I would ask for this Christmas:
I found out today that the Honda Element can be converted. Sorry hubbie, I have a new love.....

Merry Christmas to All

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