Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roller Coaster Update

Brain, Brain, What is Brain?

Thank you, Leonardo for finally helping me see what my brain on MS looks Like! Or at least feels like...

And, thank you to everyone who has emailed and commented and prayed and helped out over the past few days. We are still here and some things are better. I am always so glad to be able to report that. Here is the latest:
  • I saw an ENT on Tuesday and, amazingly, he was knowledgeable, believed me, and told me this throat closing thing isn't going to kill me. I say that rather flippantly, but, after four years of that flitting around on the edges of my consciousness, I am over joyed. 
  • Apparently the throat spasm is triggered by a signal from my brain and if I were to pass out, the signal would be interrupted and my throat would open up. I am seeing a speech therapist to work on this and taking a new med.
  • My cough is helped by the med-but it makes me loopy. Not too surprising given my life long membership in the blonde camp. And, that the doc said only a few MS patients get loopy from this med!
  • As I suspected my intermittent nasty sounding cough isn't from sinus or throat problems. Nothing quite like having a nasty tasting numbing medicine sprayed in your nose followed by a scope. Not my favorite test, I must say.
  • So, I am tentatively eating solid food, swallowing pills and trying to let go of the fear and panic that Sunday's scary episode brought to the surface.
Again, thanks to all for the love and support. Especially my hubbie who stands by me through everything-even magically procuring an emergency appoint with an ENT for just 24 hours after he called my neurologist. 


Sasha said...

What a relief! We've been thinking about you.

Kaylee says "aya ya ya" which probably translates to "We're sure glad things are looking up, auntie Janine!"

Take care, Sasha et al.

Anonymous said...

We'll continue to pray here - so relieved to hear what you are writing. I love how you blog. Laurel

Anonymous said...

So sorry I didn't get you called back today. Crazy day at work, and I didn't even get to play cards!! So glad you are feeling a little better. Love ya, and we'll talk about Friday.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Well it is good to hear about the throat, since I have a similar problems with coughing. Hope it gets better and so glad your husband stands by you!