Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally, a Use for Something Useless

As much as I love food and all it involves; the recipes, the shopping, the planning, the preparing, and the sharing—I have never understood Aspic. For those who don't know, aspic is, for all intents and purposes, savory Jello. So, with Aspic, one takes bits of veggies, cheese, and meat in some combination and suspends them in meat broth that is solidified with gelatin. I retain a clear mental picture of making my way down a fancy wedding buffet line and spying an entire beef tongue magically rolled out in a loaf of jellied veal juice surrounded with olives, hard boiled eggs, and other dibs and dabs. And, don't get me started on Jello. It is close to the top on my list of least favorite foods, and it certainly shouldn't contain anything from the savory side of the food line. I was offered more types of Jello during a year of MS Novantrone chemotherapy than I can count, but the lime green one with cheese, peas, and lettuce remains unforgettable.
Finally, I have a reason to be appreciative of my experiences with Aspic, Jello, and any other gelatinous foods. At least in an illustrative sense. You see, fighting my way out of the rough spell I am going through feels like I am trying to swim through a sea of Aspic. I regularly encounter chunks of good solid things that should be enough to propel me higher, but then I find myself still stuck and sticky.
Shouldn't I be able to count my blessings and dig myself out of this funk? Things, in no particular order, like:

  • As a mainstream American I enjoy more 'stuff' than something like 96% of the world. House, medical care, groceries, cars, etc.
  • It is my birthday this week and I am counting on friends, family, presents, and cake (Yum, Cake!)
  • Spring is springing, the sun shines, and my street is wearing a drift of pink petal snow from the cherry trees.
  • Good books, music, and movies
  • My impatient, bossy, snoring dog
  • Wise counsel from several sources
In spite of or maybe outside of all of this blessing this pervasive blahness remains. And, as much as I am perplexed by aspic and averse to Jello, I would really like to find a way out of this.

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Rick and Mary said...

You are loved.
Some of those aspic bits sound a bit like barf - and that indeed may be what it feels like some days, I'll bet!
So glad, birthday girl, that you were born!!